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Owners of Gold Cup

Ed and Kay Burch

Owners and Head coach


  In 1989 and 1991, Ed was the assistant coach of the U.S. Men's Team at the World Gymnastics Championships. One of his most impressive accomplishments was leading the U.S. Men's Team to a Silver Medal in the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, WA. He was the head coach at the 1991 Pre-Olympic Meet in Barcelona, Spain and the 1992 World Gymnastics Championships in Paris, France. He has traveled the world being appointed coach at the Swiss Cup, China Cup, and Chunichi Cup in Japan. The French Cup, The Cuperus in Germany, The Moscow News, The Canadian Cup, The Pan American Games, The Goodwill Games, and the Olympic Festival. Additionally, he coached at the DTB Cup in Germany, The Salem Cup in Africa, and coached dual meets with Japan and Brazil. 

Ed was awarded the Frank Cuminsky award in 1986 from USA Gymnastics. In 1988 he was voted Coach of the Year, and was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. 

During his 40+ years of coaching, Ed has led numerous gymnasts to national titles and international medals. He has coached seven men on Olympic Teams: 2 time Olympic Gymnast Lance Ringnald, 1992 Gold Medalist Trent Dimas, Olympic Team Members Mihai Bagiu, Chainey Umphrey, Chris Waller, John Rolisberger, and 2008 Silver Medalist Joey Hagerty. Lance Ringnald was the youngest male gymnast to make an Olympic Team in 1988 at the age of 17. Lance was also the first US Gymnast to complete three releases in succession on the High Bar, and the first US Gymnast to perform a Yerchenko Vault in the US. Trent Dimas was the National High Bar Champion and Gold Medalist at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. 

In the early years, Ed served in the Air Force from 1969-71. He received a degree in Education in 1975 from UNM. He also attended the University of Albuquerque. As a young boy, Ed practiced Judo and earned a National Title as a Black Belt. He earned a Brown Belt in Karate. Ed competed in Gymnastics at UNM under Rusty Mitchell and Hutch Dvorak. 

From 1974-1982, Ed was the New Mexico State Chairman of USA Gymnastics during which time he met and married his lovely wife Kay and had two children (which he considers the highlight of his life). Additionally for USA Gymnastics, Ed was a Regional Chairman, a member of the Men's Program Committee, Compulsory Development Committee, Strength Committee, and Directed Junior and Senior Training Camps which lasted 2-3 weeks at a time. 


Stephanie Lange

Office Manager/Choreographer


Stephanie graduated Magna Cum Laude from the College of Santa Fe in 1988. She moved to New York City for five years where she worked as a dancer, choreographer, personal trainer and aerobics instructor. She taught for the United Nations, YWCA, NBC, Crunch, and New York Sports and Wellness. Stephanie also performed off Broadway, in film and was a backup dancer for a recording artist. She was also certified with the National Dance Institute. 

Stephanie is currently the Gold Cup Office Manager, Summer Camp Director, and Optional Girls Choreographer. She also choreographs and performs with local theatre companies such as The Albuquerque Little Theatre, Musical Theatre Southwest and The Growing Stage. 

Stephanie is married to Kevin, who is a photographer and coach here at Gold Cup. She enjoys spending time with their daughter and their two dogs!



Girls Director

20 years at Gold Cup, 10 years coaching experience



Girls levels 5,6, 7 and TOPS

4 years at Gold Cup




Level 7&8 Girls Competitive Coach


Preschool Director

15 years at Gold Cup


Meet The Gold Cup Team

Alena’s journey began at Gold Cup not as a coach but as a dedicated gymnast, reaching level 10, competing in the sport until 1998.  Alena understands the values of Gold Cup and the lengthy process of achieving perseverance and dedication through her competitive gymnastic years. 

Officially joining the coaching staff in 2001, Alena has inspired many young children with confidence and desire to achieve the physical and mental skills needed in the preschool program here at Gold Cup. 


In 2006, Alena became the Preschool Program Director and has achieved a thriving program that feeds into both aspects offered by Gold Cup; the Recreation and Competitive levels. 


Alena has the love and support of her husband and two children as she provides excellent coaching to so many other children.

Program Directors

Stasia has been a loyal Gold Cup gymnast and coach for over 20 years. She started gymnastics at Gold Cup in 1992 after Trent Dimas won the Olympic gold medal. She competed for Gold Cup for 15 years under Ed Burch and finished as a level 10 in 2007. She qualified and competed regionally as a level 9 and 10 during her time at Gold Cup. 

Her commitment as a coach has led many of her girls to be State Champions as well as Regional and National qualifiers. Currently, Stasia runs the strength and conditioning program for the competitive girls' team, is the optional girl's assistant coach, as well as coaching compulsory levels. 

Stasia loves the sport of gymnastics because of the life lessons it has taught her- commitment to a goal, consistency in practice, and confidence to get the job done. The most inspiring thing about her job is seeing her athletes' hard work pay off each season and during training. Stasia works to help each gymnast realize their potential and take advantage of the opportunities they have as an athlete. 

Stasia graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. During her time as a gymnastics coach, Stasia has also been a personal trainer and volunteered for the Special Olympics. Stasia is an avid fitness enthusiast, with interests in biking, weight lifting, hiking and yoga. She has great interest in traveling to new places and finds happiness in spending time with her family, friends and dog. 

Gymnastic Coaches

As part of the coaching staff at Gold Cup, her primary focus is on the girls and doing her very best to give them what they need to develop into a successful gymnast. In addition to building physically prepared gymnasts, Katie aims to create a purposeful mindset in her athletes. This includes instilling a positive work ethic that can be applied to situations outside of gymnastics. She also works to challenge her athletes to step outside of their comfort zone, allowing them to grow as individuals. She teaches them to handle pressure situations through competition. Katie aspires to be a strong and supportive role model for the gymnasts. 

Katie was an optional gymnast at Gold Cup for four years. Currently, she competes in Olympic weightlifting and has qualified for national competitions. 

Ann competed as a gymnast for 8 years,

and completed her competitive career as a

level 10 at Gold Cup. She became a gymnastics coach because she wanted to stay involved with the sport, and she found it to be a great employment opportunity. More than anything, she likes that she can continue to be involved with gymnastics by teaching skills to the next generation of gymnasts. 

Ann is inspired by training students to accomplish skills that can help their self esteem, improve their physical fitness, and inspire them to realize their potential through self discipline. 

Currently Ann is a full time student at UNM pursuing a degree in nursing. She enjoys science and math, and learning about medicine. In her free time, Ann enjoys vacationing with her family, and traveling as a coach in support of her athletes. She also pursues outdoor activities and exercise to meet personal growth and fitness goals. 


Compulsory/Recreational Coach



Alicia has been at Gold Cup since 2000, first as an athlete, and since 2014 as a coach. She is the assistant coach for the 


level 4 girls team and the recreational coach for levels 2&3. 


Alicia became a coach to continue her love of the sport of gymnastics. She hopes to teach that love to the next generation of gymnasts. Alicia enjoys finding new ways to keep her athletes engaged and motivated during practice. 

Outside of the gym, Alicia is pursuing a BFA in film production at UNM, and is hoping to be admitted to the sign language interpreting program. 


Compulsory Girls Coach



Kelsey spent 9 years as a gymnast

before becoming a coach in 2012. She

is the level 3&5 girls head coach and is

responsible for their workouts and

strength program. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in exercise science from UNM. She was a cheerleader for four years at UNM. Kelsey also worked at an elementary school nurse's office and a physical therapy clinic. 

Gymnastics has taught Kelsey discipline, motivation, and confidence. Her desire to share this with young gymnasts led her to pursue coaching. She is inspired by seeing her athletes grow and improve and the excitement that comes with learning a new skill or performing well at a meet. Kelsey enjoys learning about and working with the different personalities of each athlete. 

Currently Kelsey is a full time graduate student working towards her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. She is expecting a baby girl in May 2017! Kelsey enjoys spending time with her family, working out, hiking and attending concerts. 


Preschool Coach & Office Staff



Laura has been working with Gold Cup since 2006. She is responsible for maintaining administrative duties in the

office, and also for coaching preschool gymnastics students. 

Laura loves seeing the pure joy on a child's face when they accomplish a new skill they did on their own. Laura has concurrently been working in the school system since 2004. She began working in daycare and today works for APS. 

Outside of Gold Cup, Laura enjoys spending time with her 11 year old son. They enjoy attending sporting events, visiting the library and watching movies. Together they have a big family and enjoy spending time together. 


Recreational Coach



Jaricah has been coaching at Gold Cup 

since 2014. Before coaching, she was a 

gymnast for 10 years. After her young gym-

nastics career ended, she took the opportunity to continue her love of the sport by becoming a coach. 

Jaricah loves to see the kids excel in the work they do. 

As of 2016, Jaricah is studying at the Career Enrichment Center to become a Nursing Assistant. She graduated in May 2017. 


Recreational Girls Coach



Myranda has been coaching with Gold Cup since 2012. Before coaching, she was a gymnast for 12 years. For six of those years she was a competitive team

gymnast. She graduated high school in 2014. While in high school, she participated in the Drama Department. 

She finds inspiration in seeing her athletes learn new skills. Knowing they are excited to come to practice keeps Myranda motivated to excel as a coach. She aims to provide a safe and fun environment for her kids to learn the basics of gymnastics. 

In her time away from Gold Cup, Myranda works at Mario's pizza. In her downtime, she enjoys reading comic books to relax. 


Recreational Girls Coach



Cheyanne has been with Gold Cup as 

a coach since 2010. She teaches basic

and advanced skills to gymnasts ranging 

from preschool and recreational, to level 4 team girls. She also assists with birthday parties, summer camp and open gym and works in the office. 

Cheyanne's favorite part of coaching is seeing the excitement a student experiences when accomplishing a goal after working hard. She loves working with kids and the opportunity to help them succeed in gymnastics. 

As of 2016, Cheyanne is working to complete her Bachelors Degree at UNM. 


Recreational Girls Coach



Ashley joined Gold Cup as a coach in 2016. She coaches recreational girls and is responsible for their progression through level specific skills. 

Ashley appreciates being able to work at a job that allows her to be around and positively influence young people. It is the smiles of success that she sees on the faces of her students that continues to inspire Ashley. 

Beofre coming to Gold Cup, Ashley worked at Small Cakes and Sadies. As of 2016, Ashley is a full time student at CNM and spends time in her studies when away from the gym. 


Recreational Girls Coach



Ashley was a gymnast at Gold Cup for 

nine years, competing for five years. She 

finished her Gold Cup competitive career as 

a level 8. Ashley transitioned from competing into coaching after graduating from high school in 2014. She has been coaching recreational girls ever since. 

Ashley is excited to help her students develop the work ethic and discipline she learned competing as a gymnast. These ideas carry over to all other aspects of life. She enjoys figuring out how to explain skills to help every unique gymnast understand and make gains. This has validated Ashley's desire to become an elementary school teacher. Ashley is majoring in Elementary Education at UNM. 


Recreational Girls Coach



Tamara has been coaching gymnastics and working in the office at Gold Cup since 2015. The gymnasts' smiles, hugs  


Recreational Girls Coach/Office Staff



and joy of learning a new skill is why Tamara enjoys coaching here at Gold Cup. 

As of 2016, Tamara is pursuing a massage therapist license through UTMI. Her passion is to help facilitate healing massage to young children. 

Tamara has three children of her own, and loves spending every spare moment she has between Gold Cup and school with them. Tamara is First-aid and CPR certified. 


Compulsory Girls Coach



Kitty has been involved with gymnastics

since 2000. She competed in the sport

for ten years, reaching level 10 in her

senior year of high school. She is a three time 

New Mexico State Champion, 2014 Level 9 Region 3 all-around champion, and Western National Qualifier. 

After graduating from Albuquerque Academy in 2015, Kitty began coaching at Gold Cup as a preschool and recreational coach. This year she returned to competitive gymnastics as a Level 3 girls coach. After many years practicing the sport, coaching has been a natural progression to pass her knowledge of the sport onto the next generation of gymnasts. She enjoys the challenge that comes with each day at the gym, finding new ways to teach skills and watching the girls improve each practice. 

Kitty is currently a student at UNM in the combined BA/MD program, double majoring in biology and Spanish with plans to go to medical school after graduation. When not studying or coaching, Kitty enjoys doing Crossfit as well as watching Lobo basketball and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball. 


Girls Team Coach



Dakarra has been coaching gymnastics since she was a freshman in high school in 2010. She has been coaching with Gold Cup since 2014. 

Dakarra finds the most rewarding part of coaching gymnastics is helping children reach their potential while watching them grow as gymnasts. 

Dakarra graduated with honors one year early in 2010 from high school. She is attending the University of New Mexico's pre-med program as a biology major. When away from the gym, Dakarra also works at Starbucks and volunteers at Presbyterian Hospital. 


Preschool Coach



Dakota is a student at the University of 

New Mexico pursuing a degree in 

Mechanical Engineering. 

She loves children and used to coach kids' soccer while she was in high school. Working at Gold Cup allowed her to continue her joy of working with kids. She loves coming to work at Gold Cup because the kids make her smile. 


Compulsory Girls Coach



Danielle develops and implements the strength and conditioning program and workout for the level 4 girls team. She assists coach Katie in developing and 

coaching the girls TOPs program. 

Danielle graduated from St Pius High School in 2011 after spending 10 years as a gymnast at Gold Cup. She then attended New Mexico State University where she graduated with honors with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. During her time at NMSU, she coaching gymnastics at the Las Cruces Gymnastics Academy. Danielle began coaching with Gold Cup in 2015. 

Danielle became involved with coaching to share the sport with young people, and translate to the next generation the positive influence she experienced with her coaches when she was an athlete. Meeting the challenge of coaching the difficult sport of gymnastics continues to motivate her. Danielle finds it inspiring to see a gymnast overcome an obstacle based on the values of dedication and perseverance she has taught them. She enjoys getting to know her athletes on a personal level, allowing her to better understand what helps them become the best gymnast they can be. 

Currently, Danielle is taking pre-requisites in order to apply for physical therapy school. She values spending time with family and friends. Danielle is an avid outdoor enthusiast, participating in such sports as snowboarding, hiking, and generally maintaining her active lifestyle. 


Preschool Coach



Natasha has been working with Gold 

Cup part time since October 2016. She 

started gymnastics herself when she was 4 

years old and made it to level 8. 

Natasha has a 3 year old daughter who attends Gold Cup and she loves that she wants to follow in her footsteps of becoming a gymnast. She loves working with kids and watching them grow in the sport of gymnastics. 

Natasha also works full time as a mortgage loan officer and teaches Zumba on the side. She enjoys outdoor activities and traveling. 

Katelyn is a sophomore in highschool and is involved in the DECA program and is the captain of the diving team. She was in gymnastics for 10 years, 9 of 


Girls Recreational Coach



which was spent at Gold Cup where she made it to level 7. In the years she spent in gymnastics, she obtained 2 gold medals at the State Championships along with silver and bronze in following years. 

Katelyn thinks coaching gymnastics is amazing because you can witness the young gymnasts learning the skills that you as a coach see as mere instinct. One of the best parts of coaching is working with a gymnast for so long on one skill and see their reactions once they finally overcome their "wall". 

Coaching allows Katelyn the chance to see the passion, determination, and love of gymnastics in many of the young gymnasts and it's something she has always wanted to do ever since joining gymnastics. 


Recreational & Preschool Coach



Kaitlyn is a full-time student studying 

biology and psychology at UNM. She was 

born and raised in Albuquerque. Kaitlyn has one younger sister, two younger brothers, and has had sixteen foster siblings over fifteen years. She and her younger sister participated in gymnastics at Gold Cup for several years. 

In 2012, Kaitlyn became a coach at Gold Cup. She has a love for teaching and is inspired by working with kids. She loves helping her students get closer to having the skills they dream of with each class. 

Kaitlyn currently coaches the preschool, beginner, and intermediate levels. Outside of the gym, she enjoys volunteering in her mother's classroom, being adventurous, reading, and serving with her church. 


Boys Level 5 Assistant Coach



Nate is  junior at La Cueva High Scool. 

He has been going to Gold Cup for 

almost 5 years. Nate is an assistant coach 

for the level 5 boys. 

Nate was originally inspired to be a coach because of his love of the sport. Coaching gives him a whole new perspective on what being a gymnast is like.


Nate has been participating in gymnastics since he was 3 years old. He started at G-Force gymnastics, moved to Rio Gymnastics and ended at Gold Cup. 

Nate was state champion for levels 4,5,6, and 9.