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Here at Gold Cup, we have 2 fully equipped gyms with the finest equipment in the state of New Mexico.  The East Gym is 10,000 sq. feet, complete with a full sized floor and rod floor.  We also have a foam pit and tumble track.  The east gym is where the preschool, recreational and compulsory boys practice. 


The west gym is 12,000 sq. feet, also the original gym where the Olympians trained.  There is a sense of greatness as you enter the gym with the Olympians painted on the walls.  This gym is where the competitive girls and boys teams practice.  In this gym is a large foam pit, in ground trampoline & tumble track, and rod floor.  There are also two vaulting tables with one going into the foam pit. 

  • Trampoline

  • 2 sets of rings

  • Climbing ropes

  • Horizontal bar

  • 2 tumble tracks

  • Outside foam pit

  • Foam vaulting table

  • Vaulting tables

  • Spring boards

  • Low and high beams and benches

  • Parallel bars and parallettes

  • Wall bars

  • Uneven bars and steel bar

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Pommel horses

  • Mushrooms and bucket

  • Spotting belts



The gymnasts painted on the wall are former gymnasts and Olympians from Gold Cup.  All the artwork is done by Owner Ed Burch.  To date, there are 4 Olympians painted on the walls.  Trent Dimas from the 1992 Olympics, Lance Ringnald of the 1988 and 1992 games, Mihai Baigu of the 1996 Olympics, and the most recent Joey Hagerty from 2008 games. 

Olympian Lance Ringnald
Viewing Area
Tumble Track and Floor
Foam pit and Mens Apparatus
Uneven Bars and Olympian Trent Dimas
Olympian Mihai Baigu
South Vault Table
East Gym
Olympian Joey Hagerty
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