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To have full access to your account at Gold Cup you visit the parent portal powered by I Class Pro

Click button below

Previous or Current Gold Cup Members Instructions

Gold Cup before:

  1. Click the "My Account" Tab

  2. Click "Yes" I am a customer

  3. Enter the email address you used when you first joined Gold Cup

  4. Call us at (505)821-8417 if you don't know the email you used to sign up at Gold Cup.

  5. Accept the policies

  6. Now you have access to your account!

Want to become a Gold Cup Members Instructions

Gold Cup before:

  1. Click the "My Account" Tab

  2. Click "No" I am not a customer

  3. Follow the prompts to setup your account with Gold Cup

  4. Accept the policies

  5. Enter CC information

  6. Now you have access to your account!

Open Gym Jr. Ages 5yrs old and under

Parents bring your kids for some great fun.

Our open gym jr if for kids 5 yrs old and under. Open gym jr is not a structured class so you and your child can come out and work on skills they have learned in class or just have playtime. 1 parent must attend and supervise child/children. 

Every Monday Morning

10:30-11:30 am


$8 punch passes purchased thru the

Gym Shop 

You must sign up each week for open gym through your parent portal account and you must sign up 24 hours in advance.   NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS.

How to sign up

1. Sign into parent portal account

2. Purchase Open Gym Jr punch pass on The Gym Shop page. If you have               multiple students You can purchase as many as you like they will expire in 1           year. There is no refunds for unused punch passes. 

3. Click on the my account page and select the passes button under the student       you would like to attend Open Gym Jr. You must click on the correct date or a         class option will not appear.

4. Next you will click the punch in button and it will give you a screen that says childs name has successfully punched in for Open Gym Jr. 





Monday May 20th will be the last
day of Open Gym Jr. until Monday
August 5th!! Have a wonderful

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